Hi. I'm Frank.

I've spent over 25 years battling depression.

I can't tell you how much time and money I've spent on medications, alternative health solutions, and therapies.

And that's not counting all of the work I missed while bouncing on and off disability.

Have you been beaten down?

I understand.


I can't count the times.


I don't even want to think about it.

Lost confidence in yourself?

Forced to depend on others?

Are you a veteran of the medical system?

How many hours have you spent on Google?

I relate to all of these. How about you?

When you're already ill, the neverending search for a new treatment is so exhausting.

But, I got lucky when I first heard of Ketamine. I was skeptical but decided to look into it.

Unfortunately, there was no Ketamine Coach. I couldn’t find an easy-to-read site about Ketamine.

Only my background in medical research helped me make sense of all of the studies floating around.

Two questions needed answering: Does Ketamine work? Is it safe?

After reviewing everything, I decided to try it.

To my SHOCK, it stopped my suicidal thoughts in their tracks!

I couldn't believe it. Not only that. They've never come back!

My grandmother committed suicide. So, I knew quieting those thoughts was MAJOR.

Before Ketamine, I had all but given up on my dreams.

FINALLY, I could enter a BRIGHTER chapter of life.

I am not a licensed physician. I can't advise you for or against Ketamine. That's strictly a decision between you and your medical team.

What I CAN do is pass on valuable information to you.

That's what FindKetamine.com is for. It is jam-packed with knowledge about Ketamine, the conditions it treats, side effects, and answers to questions from people like you.

No matter how much you're suffering, it’s natural and wise to have concerns about a new treatment.

I remember thinking: There has to be a downside? Some hidden danger? This Ketamine stuff can’t really be helping ⅔ of treatment-resistant depression sufferers breakthrough to actual relief.

My book will answer your questions. It’s short and easy to read.

IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression: Why I Tried It, What It’s Like, and If It Worked.

Here’s the audio version.

This website, along with my book, fulfills most people’s needs.

In the meantime, please enjoy my site. Take good care of yourself. Stay safe.



The Ketamine Coach

My comprehensive, step-by-step guide to ketamine therapy answers all of your questions about this extraordinary treatment. 

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