My comprehensive, step-by-Step guide to ketamine therapy answers all of your questions about this extraordinary treatment

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Ketamine Stopped
My  25  Years of Suicidal Thoughts in Their Tracks!

My name is Frank Ligons – medical researcher and IV infusion Ketamine patient.

Depression, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder have been brutally consistent companions for decades.

To fight these health battles, I’ve spent 25 years exploring many kinds of treatment. Low-dose intravenous Ketamine infusion therapy is the only one that stopped my suicidal thoughts.

IV Ketamine for depression saved my life.

Now, I help people like you through education that overcomes the myths and misinformation that can hold ideal candidates, people who are really suffering, back from even considering Ketamine with their doctor.

If you want to learn about Ketamine’s benefits, side effects, and payment options, you are in the right place!

What People Are Saying

“Each day, my ‘front-row seat’ to these transformations
encourages and enheartens me.” 
~Dr. Henry Macler

“..healing from depression, mental illness and trauma…
Should be standard reading…”

..falls easily into the category of…’easy reading’, but it is incredibly informative…”

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Ketamine FAQs

Ketamine General Information What is Ketamine? Ketamine is a sedative-hypnotic with pain-relieving effects. It is a commonly used anesthetic. Its dissociative properties minimize memory of trauma surrounding the time of its administration. When used for surgery,

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Scrabble letters forming the word LAW as it relates to ketamine being legal

Is Ketamine Legal?

Is Ketamine Legal? Ketamine legal status The question “Is Ketamine legal?” comes up a lot. It's unfortunate there is such a misunderstanding of this drug's history of use and legal status. Ketamine is a legally approved

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